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Class action lawsuit against Verizon and Motorola for crippling Bluetooth on the V710

Peter Rojas
Motorola V710

Since we've seen pretty much of every episode of L.A. Law we usually we feel pretty confident when it comes to holding forth on all matters of a legal nature, but we're not sure whether the class action suit California law firm Kirtland & Packard has filed against Verizon and Motorola for selling Motorola's V710 handset with several features of its built-in Bluetooth disabled (like the Dial-Up Networking profile, which let's you use the phone as a wireless modem, and the ability to wirelessly copy files like digital photos over to a PC) has a leg to stand on or not. Not that it doesn't feel mighty good to hit back when companies needlessly make their products less useful, but we're getting into some complicated legal territory about how the phone was represented for sale and all that, and Verizon and Moto (which honestly was just giving Verizon what it asked for in the phone) aren't exactly going to roll over.

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