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Griffin AirClick remotes for iPod and iTunes

Eric Lin

At Macworld Griffin will introduce a new wireless remote control with transmitter units for both the iPod and the Mac itself. The AirClick iPod will come in 4G and mini flavors, and will let you play, pause, and navigate through tracks as well as control the volume using a remote and a receiver that talk to each other over RF from up to 60 feet away. So you don't need line of sight to your iPod, hell you don't even need to be in the same room. You can also use the remote to click through slide shows if you have an iPod photo. (Take that, pt!) You can add an AirClick USB dongle to your Mac and use the remote to control iTunes, Keynote, DVD Player, VLC and other applications too. Since we live in a tiny apartment, we'll stick with our trusty Sony Ericsson phone and the Bluetooth remote profiles for now, but if we move someplace bigger, or someplace with more than one room, the extended reach of the AirClick could come in handy.

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