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Motorola @ CES - The HT820 Bluetooth stereo headset explained

Eric Lin


Yesterday we thought the Moto Bluetooth stereo headset was interesting but we hadn't seen it and couldn't quite explain it. Today we have all the answers. (Ok, maybe not all the answers.) Here's how it really works. The HT820 supports both headset and hands-free to connect to a phone via Bluetooth. It also supports two new Bluetooth profiles for audio, one for receiving stereo broadcast and the other for controlling audio devices. If you have an audio device that supports the profiles, or you have an adapter—either one of Motorola's that we mentioned or even the naviPlay—the headset will be able to pause your music when you take an incoming call, and you can even skip tracks using buttons right on the headset. If, however you don't have a Bluetooth audio device or adapter, you can plug a player into the 'phones using a cable, in which case, the HT820 will mute the audio when you get a phone call, but won't be able to pause it. There's a few more pix below.



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