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Vonage @ CES - Hands-on with the UTStarcom F-1000, Vonage's WiFi phone

Peter Rojas
Vonage WiFi phone

That videophone was nice, but the real reason we stopped by Vonage's booth at CES was to get hands-on with the UTStarcom F-1000, their first WiFi phone which is due out in a few months. We were able to glean a few details about the F-1000 (which has the not-quite-yet-retro look of a mid-Nineties cellphone), like its battery will have three hours of talk time and 60 hours of standby (something which'll probably get a lot better when the next generation of these phones comes out), and that you'll be able to program up to five different network settings profiles into the phone to make it easier to log into different wireless networks.

Vonage WiFi phone

Vonage WiFi phone UTStarcom F-1000

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