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Sanyo @ CES - Phone pr0n IV, The W22SA Spacephone

Eric Lin
w22sa snow white

There is a serious dearth of coverage about the new W22SA in English, however we've been able to catch the basic details. It has all the same features of the W21SA, including OCR translatation software that lets you take a picture of text in English and display the Japanese word. The 22 forgoes the 21's twist and flip screen in favor of a more traditional flip but it's still packed full of gadgety goodness. It has stereo speakers (for extra trick ringtones) and this crazy navigation pad that lets you control certain phone features with the lid closed. (those five little dots below Snow White). By using newer chips and giving up on the twist and flip design, the 22 is significantly lighter and smaller than the 21 without sacrificing any features. Just look at how Ryan has to cup the phone gently in his hand (after the break), it's so light and small you just have to cradle it.

w22sa side

w22sa open

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