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Wal-Mart frustrates Netflix, drops online DVD rentals to $12.97 a month

Peter Rojas

We'll most likely holdout for them to drop the price to a nice round $9.99 a month, or at least wait for the introduction of an army of child laborers to hand deliver our DVDs to us before signing up, but Wal-Mart has apparently decided to more or less bankrupt Netflix (and take on Blockbuster) by dropping the price of their monthly online DVD rental service to just $12.97 a month. Not like they're offering as fine a selection of movies as you'll find at Netflix or many other companies, it's just that in the long run there might not be enough people willing to spend the extra $5.02 a month that Netflix costs simply to get access to a lot of the more obscure (and less family-friendly) DVD titles Wal-Mart isn't going to carry. Most people who rent movies aren't exactly going to be pissed that Wal-Mart carries only one Dusan Makavejev film.

[Via Digital Media Thoughts]

UPDATE: Shoot, forgot to note that the cheapo plan is only for their 2 DVDs at a time service, whereas Netflix's $17.99 price is for 3 at a time. Thanks for everyone who kindly brought this to our attention.

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