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Sony Qualia 001 Creation Box for clearer TV

Dan Wu

Qualia 001 Sony Creation BoxSony has created a new device called the Qualia 001 Creation Box which promises to improve picture quality on even high definition televisions, making colors more vivid, clearer, and flicker-free and allows you to project hi-def images from a standard definition source. They promise to add the Creation Box technology to future TVs (we're betting Qualia TVs get first dibs), but for now, the only way you can utilize it is by buying the Qualia 001 black box which comes with a remote. We're not quite sure who's going to pony up $4800 for such a box (Japan only of course), but we'd love to see how much better the over-the-air analog picture improves on our old 13-inch Sony Trinitron from 1987 by using it.

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