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Powerbook and iBook G5s to ship in Q2

Barb Dybwad

Several Taiwanese manufacturers have received their orders from Apple. Included on the orders, according to the Chinese-language Commercial Times, were plans to begin shipping iBook G5 notebooks to Apple in the second quarter of this year from Asustek Computer. The Powerbook G5 is also slated to become available in Q2 from manufacturer Quanta.

This will only add to the plate for these manufacturers, who are already being called upon to move some serious Apple product. Asustek Computer, the vendor who produces both the iPod shuffle and will also produce the iBook G5, is expected to ship out the shuffles at a rate of 400,000 - 500,000 units per month. Foxconn Electronics, aka Hon Hai Precision Industry, is the contractor who will be putting out about 100,000 Mac mini units per month to Apple.

What do you think - will it be overkill or under supply?

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