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Nokia putting down the N-Gage?

Peter Rojas
N-Gage QD

Is Nokia finally going to put its long-struggling N-Gage gamephone out of our its misery? Nothing official yet, but the Inq claims that Nokia is making movies to shut down the R&D and production facilities for their N-Gage division. Not that we (or apparently anyone else) much much cared for the N-Gage in either of its iterations, but there's something so comically tragic about the whole story (uh, sidetalkin'?) that we'd be sad to see it go. It's not that people don't want to play games on their cellphones, it's just that anyone who's going to drop some serious cash on it is going to want a proper portable console with a large screen—and unfortunately for Nokia, it seems like there's another one of those coming out every few months.

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