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Falanx's Mali's "console-quality" 3D on cellphones

Ryan Block, @ryan
Falanx Mali

How many times do companies have to put out these press releases about their latest "plan" to release some industry-shattering technology that's 3 years ahead of its time? Why not just be a little more realistic about things, and not fall into the inevitable press hype/can't release/product languishes/turns vaporware cycle we all know so well? Anyway, Falanx Microsystems, who've apparently been around about a year, are promising their patent-pending Mali110 and Mali55 IP SoCs will bring high speed, "console-quality" 3D graphics and video at far faster speeds than currently available, at half the cost,  with efficient battery use. Okay, look, we're not saying it's not possible, but… well, yeah actually we are saying console-quality graphics on a cellphone isn't gonna happen today or next week—that, and 16X FSAA does not console-quality graphics make.

[Via MobileMag]

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