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Hasbro to produce updated Furby

Marc Perton

You can have your Aibos and Robosapiens. For a lot of people, there will always be just one interactive toy. That's right, we're talking Furby here. We still have fond memories of the crushing lines at FAO Schwarz, the little bugger's annoying, high-pitched laugh, and those bugged-out eyes. Okay, maybe we're not so fond — especially about the long lines when the toy debuted. Nevertheless, we're curious to see what Hasbro comes up with when they release Furby II later this year. After all, there's a lot more competition now when it comes to interactive toys, and cute and fuzzy just ain't gonna cut it anymore. According to CNN/Money, the new model will feature more lifelike emotions, be able to simulate breathing (creepy!), and will have what's described as amazing "beak flexibility" (presumably that doesn't mean it'll be able to bite your finger off if you get it pissed off). And, yes, it'll still speak Furbish, though it'll supposedly be easier to get the fuzzball to learn English if you don't have the patience to listen to endless repetitions of "Kah toh-loo noh-lah wah!"

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