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Sony's latest NetJuke, the NAS-A10

Ryan Block, @ryan
Sony NAS-A10

You're crazy if you think we even get half of Sony's good stuff over here in the states, but until now the lack of NetJuke products hasn't been hurting us all too much—afterall, they were strictly ATRAC3-based devices. But in Sony's (slowly) increasingly more populist age, they've announced their latest NetJuke, the NAS-A10; sure, it will still only rip your CDs to ATRAC3 on its internal 40GB hard drive (it uses Gracenote's CDDB for tagging info—no comment), but can still play MP3s if you want to load them up via its USB 2.0 connection, Ethernet port (which we assume also stream media, putting the NAS in NAS-A10), or Memory Stick Duo slot. In case you were wondering, ports include analog in and out, composite out, and a headphone port, but we wouldn't dwell too much since we hardly expect to ever see one of these outside a Tokyo flat. And even still, they're going to run you about 6 Bens in Japan, so an American importer can expect to tack on another 20-50%. Have fun!

[Via Akihabara News]

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