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The iPod Bluetooth?

Peter Rojas

Think you can handle one more iPod rumor? No? Well, this might be a good time to discover the scroll wheel on your mouse. Ok, for everyone still reading this, Mac4Ever is reporting that a Motorola product manager in France has "accidentally" confirmed that Apple is going to introduce an iPod with built-in Bluetooth (ostensibly for wirelessly streaming audio to your car stereo or something along those lines). This comes in addition to all the other gossip lately that Apple is going to unveil a new 5GB or 6GB iPod mini (possibly with a color LCD screen) and may or may not be rolling out new versions of the 20GB and 40GB iPods that come in the iPod mini colors. Not sure we're feeling this latest one (as much as we'd love to see more MP3 players with Bluetooth), but the one thing we do know is that whenever the Apple rumor mill starts grinding 'em out all fast and furious like this it usually means that there is something big on the way.

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