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Podbrix strikes again with Lego Steve Jobs

Barb Dybwad

Steve Jobs Lego
So this is a little too uncanny: Podbrix’s second Lego release is a $17 figurine of his Steveness himself clutching an iPod and an iPod shuffle. Check the photo above of the limited-edition diminutive Steve at the Macworld Expo keynote, then check Scott’s quote regarding their first release: “I think if they really want to make some serious money they would craft little Lego Apple products so that your Lego people can compute in style, or better yet a Lego Steve Jobs. Imagine it, you could recreate his Keynote entirely in Legos, and introduce whatever products you wanted.”

Either great minds think alike, or great minds are reading TUAW! ;) Maybe Podbrix should donate a few Lego Steves to us for a giveaway!

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