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iRiver's strategy against Apple: Buy Korean!

Peter Rojas
iRiver H10

Reigncom, the South Korean company behind the iRiver line of MP3 players, thinks they have a strategy for beating Apple on their home turf: they took out a bunch of ads in local newspapers yesterday, South Korea's Independence Movement Day, about how it's the patriotic duty of citizens there to buy Korean-made MP3 players. Maybe there's something lost in translation, but the text of the ads is priceless:

Does shouting 'mansei' buck-naked make Korea independent? U.S. firms are sweeping up most of the world's HDD-type MP3 player market… As a sovereign MP3 state, we could not simply sit back and watch. After spending countless nights in the research room, we've finally produced a precious son for the world market… There will be many difficulties, but we are not afraid. We are the descendents of martyrs who braved bullets and swords to bring about independence to the cry of 'mansei.'

Wait a second, are we still talking about MP3 players?

[Via TechDirt]

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