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Logitech announces mm22, their iPod speakers

Logitech mm22

Logitech, the makers of fine peripherals for everything from gaming to productivity, have finally dipped into the overcrowded iPod speaker market with their mm22 (though to be honest, we thought they already had come out with iPod speakers).  Rather than use the dock connector to grab sound, the mm22 uses the headphone out.  This means the mm22 is compatible with virtually any iPod, even those pre-dock dinosaurs some of us still carry around like badges of honor (it comes with several cradles to accomodate various sizes).  This also means it will work with any music player, Apple-made or not.  The company swears by the speakers they chose: four neodymium microdrivers (probably the basis for the "22" in the name) that they promise deliver rich, smooth sound with tremendous depth for their size.

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