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Motorola @ CTIA - SLVR V8 and the V280

Ryan Block, @ryan
Motorola SLVR V8
Motorola SLVRcam V280

Ah, the SLVR V8 and the SLVRcam V280, the ones we've been waiting to get our grubby little mitts on. To dispel any confusion right off, the primary difference between the bizarrely named SLVRcam V280 is that it won't have EDGE support (not that we expect that'll keep Cingular from getting exclusive distribution), and it won't have that TransFlash (or shall we say microSD?) slot. In other words, in the SLVR family, it's the middle of the road. Otherwise, both weren't quite as small as we'd hoped, but they felt very solid; we'd be more than happy to slip one in our back pocket and take off with it. Er, not that we'd ever do that, or anything.

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