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Nokia hat trick: 6155, 3155 and 2115i

Nokia 6155

Nokia dropped three newbies of CDMA loving grace today: the 6155 (shown right) sports a 1-megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom, video recording/playback at 15fps, and a 262k color primary display. It will come with an integrated mapping and navigation system that provides graphical maps and turn-by-turn navigation instructions. The system can provide directions to points of interest, and also send the info to friends via SMS. Voice command will be stepped up on the unit to be able to recognize speech with less training involved. Look for the 4.4-ounce phone to be out of the gate in Q4.

The 3155 and 2115i are mid-range and entry-level phones, respectively, and sport specs accordingly: the former is a folding phone featuring 12MB user memory for images and apps, voice command, PC sync, downloadable themes and an integrated stereo FM radio. Look for its coming by the light of the third quarter. The 2115i is an affordable, entry-level phone including a built-in flashlight, which is fine but ends up making you look less MacGyver-like when you whip out that cell to light the way in a pinch. Out in Q2.

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