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CenterStage Available for Download

Mac Mini in Hands

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that CenterStage was releasing a public alpha of their media center software.  This is just a note to let everyone know that you can download the alpha binaries today: ”Currently CenterStage will list all your movies on your hard drive automatically, allow you to preview them and play them full screen, CenterStage also sports a 3D mouse controllable user interface. . . . Please treat this alpha release as a work in progress, it has been released as a binary version so that everyone can see how this project is progressing.”

Here’s my vision: The entire extended edition of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy played in a skinned version of CenterStage looping till the end of time on a 23-inch wall-mounted flat panel in an old wooden frame hanging over the fireplace with a Mac mini on the mantel…

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