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How would you change the Sony PlayStation Portable?


So the idea behind this "How would you change…" series is pretty self-explanatory — we want to imaginate beyond the current capabilities of our favorite gadgets and describe what else they could and should do. Each week we'll pick a different device, start off with a few of our own wishlist functions and open up the floor to everyone to comment on what they'd like to see added to (or even removed from!) their gear. This week, as we're sure comes as no surprise, we'll start with the Sony PSP. Here are a few of our desires:

  • File transfer via WiFi

  • Audio recording/line-in

  • Connect to an iPod (via iPod Camera Connector?) for use as external photo/audio/video storage

  • Web browse and read RSS natively, without hacks!

  • Run third-party apps

  • Open API for developers

How would you change the PSP?

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