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Moxi gets on Samsung's Home Media Center

Peter Rojas

Moxi Samsung Home Media Center

Samsung's just cut a deal to put Digeo's Moxi II Media Center software on their new line of Home Media Center set top boxes. The first version of Moxi was pretty tight as far as integrated digital video recorder set top boxes go, but these Samsung Home Media Centers are going to sport four TV tuners (for recording multiple shows at once and/or feeding multiple live TV streams to satellite Moxi Mini boxes around the house), enough storage to record up to 40 hours of high definition programming, support for Voice over IP (both making and receiving calls—Moxi's current Moxi Telephone app can only manage and receive calls), as well as all the multimedia home networking stuff that Moxi does already. Charter Communications and Adelphia are set to be the first two cable companies to offer the boxes to customers, with delivery planned for fall of this year.

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