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Engadget Contest: Hit us with your best shot and win Motorola's new black RAZR V3

Peter Rojas
Motorola RAZR V3

We managed to get our hands on one of Motorola's new limited-edition black RAZR V3 cellphones courtesy of the good people at, and this is how much we love you: we're going to give the phone away—just not without a little effort on your part. We want to see a little class spirit this time around, so what you've got to do is send in a picture of yourself that somehow conveys to us why we should give you the phone. You can do whatever you think it'll take to win (as long as it's legal), but you do have to be in the photo somewhere, and we're going to make you prove that it's you in the photo before we award the phone. You have until Sunday at midnight to send in your pics.

The legal stuff: Send your entries to us at You can only enter once. Note that submitting a photo means that you're giving us permission to publish it on Engadget. The contest is open to anyone, anywhere, but obviously we can't guarantee that the phone (which has quad-band GSM) will be compatible with your existing carrier.

Oh, and thanks again to for the hook up.

UPDATE: Contest closed! It's going to take us a few days to judge everything—we received something like 600 entries—but we'll try and have a winner for you ASAP.

UPDATE 2: Almost there, it takes a freaking long time to go through and pick from 600 photos…

UPDATE 3: We'll announce a winner tomorrow!

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