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LightAppliances project showcases dedicated info appliances

Marc Perton
Light Appliances web

Despite a certain fondness for the 3Com Audrey, we've never been too interested in information appliances. But, then, most information appliances aren't as groovy as Giovanni Cannata's LightAppliances. The grad student's project attempts to merge Italian style with single-function devices that can be controlled with a common remote for buttonless access to email, Internet radio and other content. We wouldn't rush out and buy any of these for ourselves, but they could work for certain nameless individuals whose technical expertise is on par with the elderly man Cannata profiles on his site: "[He] thought that when he sends an email to me, I will not be able to receive it if my computer is off. He suggested that I either leave the e-mail program on when turning off the computer, or call him when I turn on the computer again."

[Via SmartMobs]

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