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Peace breaking out between Blu-ray and HD-DVD

Peter Rojas

Could the war between Blu-ray and HD-DVD be over before it even begins? Nothing's 100% yet, but a Japanese newspaper is reporting that Sony and Toshiba have managed to set aside their differences and are very close to compromising on a single next-generation DVD format (which we don't have to go through another one of those VHS vs. Beta things). The plan, which reportedly involves combining Sony's recording technology with Toshiba's software for data transfer and copy protection, could be unveiled as early as Monday. No word on what the new unifiedHD DVD format might be called, how long we'll have to wait for the first players and recorders that are compatible with the new format to hit stores, or what happens to everyone in Japan who already bought a Blu-ray disc recorder.

[Thanksm, eujin]

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