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Engadget's live coverage of the Xbox 360 launch

Ryan Block
Xbox 360 live screen caps

Hey ya'all, the Engadget and Joystiq teams are crewing it up tonight to bring you live Xbox 360 coverage, so stay tuned! Aight, here we go!

Xbox 360 live screen caps
Elijah just showed up on the tube promising an "ultimate celebrity deathmatch."  We can't wait for that - celebs have shown time and again that they're gaming masters.  Why they led off with that we're not sure.  An ode to Atari and pong, as expected, and now "the future of gaming."

While The Killers slay the crowd, a brief note from the ourcolony video: "The basic gesture of the new console is double concavity. It's derived from the idea of an inhale. It has a very distinctive iconic gesture. This is <makes bong sucking noise with motion Ralph Maccio hand motion>."

Update: Tony Hawk promises no load times: ?[The next Tony Hawk game is] just one giant level, no load time.?

Update: Sway calls the Xbox 360 the ?the Holy Grail of gaming.?

Update: Now they?re showing the OLD Xbox from Pimp My Ride.  Why are we looking at the old Xbox? (Answer: Allard is showing off the Xbox design to the Pimp My Ride crew first, because, you know, it?s important to get their industrial design sign-off.) Xzibit concludes the design session with ?Xbox 360 - feel the experience.?
Xbox 360 live screen capsXbox 360 live screen capsXbox 360 live screen caps

Update: Xbox Lingo Bingo Update: Annie?s getting close to Bingo with ?Xbox Live? and ?Halo? ? has ?wireless? been mentioned?

Update: We?re now 2/3rds of the way through the program and we?ve seen about 30 seconds of game footage (Quake 4 looks hot; Saint?s Row looks not so hot), and Elijah is finally back, talking to Ryan Cabrerra. Who the hell is Ryan Cabrerra? Game footage from the following games shown:

Kameo: Elements of Power (Microsoft)
Gears of War (Microsoft)
Tom Clancy?s Ghost Recon 3 (Ubisoft)
Project Gotham Racing 3 (Microsoft)
NBA 2K6 (2K Sports)
Quake 4 (id Software)
Call of Duty 2 (Activision)
The Darkness (Majesco Entertainment)
Saint?s Row (THQ)

Update: just went live.

Xbox 360 live screen capsXbox 360 live screen capsXbox 360 live screen caps

Update: Death match segment with MTV choppy-camera-style. Here?s how it went down. Shot of intense nerd, shot of cleavage. Shot of fat dude, shot of cleavage. Shot of unshaven geek, shot of cleavage. It?s like yin and yang.

Matt Leto, a professional gamer who pulled down $80k the year after he won his first big tournament, is quoted as saying, ?This is an honor for me, I get a chance to go across the world, you know. I get to play the Xbox 2 with Perfect Dark Zero.? (Wait a minute, is it the Xbox 2 or the Xbox 360!?)

Xbox 360 live screen capsXbox 360 live screen capsXbox 360 live screen caps
Xbox 360 live screen caps
Signing off from doucheland MTV!

Xbox 360 live crew
Your other, non ex-LOTR hosts for the evening, Ryan, Vlad, and Josh
Xbox 360 live crew
What! He just sooo hot!

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