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Question for the TUAW readers: Mac Digital Camera Recommendations


Dear TUAW readers, benevolent and knowledgeable beings that you are, I thought you might be the perfect people to ask the following question: What pro / "pro-sumer" Digital SLR Camera should I buy? I'm in the market for one and have been looking over various recommendations from various places, including this post over at Engadget, which looks to be a useful resource. I'm not necessarily looking for the latest and greatest. I'm more concerned with good quality pictures, especially in the super close-up / macro world of photography, as I'm a stop-motion tinkerer on the side. I'd like to not spend more than 1K if possible, but I'm willing to splurge as much as $1500 if a lot of you say "you must buy this one!" So TUAW digital photographers: What's your favorite Mac-friendly high-end digicam?

Or should I just forget about still photography and save up for this puppy?

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