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Sharp's still gettin' their MD action on with the MD-DP700

Sharp 1Bit Auvi MD-DP700

Okay, so maybe MiniDisc never really caught on outside of Japan (true confessions: we love ours), but it's still going strong enough over there to warrant these new product releases. Sharp's rolling out some new ones based on whatever 1Bit Auvi technology is (somehow "1-Bit" doesn't sound very cutting edge, but what do we know). The novel feature on these is they come with a docking station that charges the player and doubles as a portable stereo speaker set. The MD-DP700 doesn't include native playback for the MP3 format like the new Sony Hi-MD players do (oh, ATRAC, you unsung hero, you) but you know, most people who would buy an MD recorder probably won't lose sleep over it. Also, look — pink!

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