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Casio G'zOne Type-R, a cellphone for the great outdoors

Casio g'Zone

Casio, the manufacturer voted most likely to be seen adorning our childhood classmates' wrists, is coming out with another one of those ruggedized cellphones. No weekend getaway into blissful solitude is complete without hourly check-ins to the office, and the Casio G'zOne (pronounced "jeez one"?) will make the perfect "can you hear me now?" companion as you trudge through the less-than-GPRS-soaked wilderness. Enjoy your 1-bar nirvana as accompanied by an electronic compass, illuminated clock, stop watch (natch), 2.2-inch QVGA screen and digital camera for nabbing that prize-winning Sasquatch shot. Then again, the G'zOne will be going to market in Japan, where legend has it the trees grow WiFi repeaters on their own — so you might actually do alright.

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