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WWDC: WallFlowers Rock Apple Campus Bash


D'Arcy Norman was one of the lucky ducks who actually got to attend WWDC, and even luckier, he got the opportunity to attend the Apple Campus Bash. Well, unfortunately it wasn't U2 and Bono rocking the stage, but then again it wasn't Mr. "Your Body is a Wonderland" either (I hate that song). . . .

Rather, it was everybody's favorite band featuring the spawn of Dylan as the lead-singer: the Wallflowers. And from the sound of D'Arcy's report on the event, it not only rocked, but the Wallflowers would seem to be a band that 'gets' the whole tech thing: "They did a full set, too, not just a cheap 20-minute gig. A full hour-long set. And I think they were having fun, too Questions thrown to the audience about how to get blackberries working Heckling jugglers Very cool."

Very cool, indeed.


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