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Toshiba's latest Qosmio, the G25-AV513

Ryan Block, @ryan
Toshiba Qosmio G25-AV513

We haven't heard much from Toshiba's powerhouse Qosmio XP Media Center-based laptops in a while, but it looks like they're back with their new G25—a sleeker, blacker box which while being decidedly more stylish than their standard plasticy-silver machines, is still every bit the bruiser you'd expect a 9.5-pound 16-inch wide 1.7-inch thick laptop to be. But if you're not sorry to part with your car or great grandmother's jewelry, you too can break your back with 120GB of dual-drive goodness, a 2GHz Pentium M, and a gig of RAM (among other things) for a mere $3,000.

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