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Soldius1 solar cellphone charger works fast, yo

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Netherlands-based Soldius has come out with a solar cellphone charger that works quite a bit faster than the Solio, juicing up your mobile in about two to three hours by way of something they call Maximum Solar Power Tracking (MSPT). The Soldius1 is compatible with a whole mess o' phones including models from Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, and Sony Ericsson, and should work with most 3G phones generally. It doesn't do other devices at present, but the company has plans in the works for adding the ability to charge your handheld, DAP or other small gadget du jour. Without an internal battery it weighs in at only 85 grams, which is making this thing sound purty attractive overall — unfortunately none of the finer details such as price or availability are yet divulged on their website. Please don't be vaporware, k?

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