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Monopoly Live: London style

Ryan Block, @ryan

Ever want to play Monopoly in real life, but without the unfortunate side effects of being vilified in sensational anti-trust suits? Well, if you're a London resident, you'll apparently have a chance to give it a try in real life (fake) Monopoly; you're given (fake) £15m to invest in (real) London properties, and move around the "board" as 18 GPS transmitter-equipped cabbies pick up and drop off players accordingly. Chance and Community Chest bonuses are even sent via SMS. The gameplay gets even more complicated—and we're not even going to touch what happens when you land on the Go To Jail space—but the grand prize winner is rewarded for their troubles with a year's (real) rent or mortgage paid, hopefully straight up Mr. Monopoly style in giant bags of freshly minted coins.

[Via textually]

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