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Where are the HD commercials?

Kevin C. Tofel

I know, I know. "Who wants to watch commercials?" you're asking. We're with you on that, but they're a fact of TV life. However, if you paid big bucks for that glorious looking HDTV and you're watching HD content, why do the commercials have to be in standard definition? If we have to watch the commercials, at least let us see them in HD. The Wall Street Journal looked into this question and the answer is simple: cost. HD video and Dolby Digital audio can add tens of thousands of dollars to production costs.

During one hour of the weekly NASCAR race in HD, there were 21 commercials. Out of that total, none of them were shown in HD. I'm more apt to be a couch potato during the commercials if they were in high definition. How about you? Do you think HD commercials equate to more sales value?

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