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Pantech's PG-6100 cameraphone

Peter Rojas
Pantech PG-6100

Almost definitely another one of their handsets that won't make it over here, but Pantech busted out a new two megapixel cameraphone called the PG-6100 that they're dubbing, without irony, as a "complete convergence device". If you're wondering where all that supposed completeness comes from, well, besides all that two megapixel stuff the PG-6100 also has MP3 playback software, Bluetooth, a 1.9-inch, 260,000 color internal display, and a 1.1-inch, 260,000 color external OLED display. Basically sounds just like every middling clamshell coming out of Korea these days, how about saving the hyperbole for when it matters, alright?

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