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JVC rolls out new Everios, including 30GB, 2 megapixel GZ-MG70

Marc Perton

Everio GZ-MG50JVC continues to up the storage ante with their Everio MPEG-2 hard-drive camcorders, adding 20 and 30GB 1.8-inch drives that make last year's 4GB MicroDrive based versions look a little puny. The latest models include at least one we've already seen — the 30GB, 1.3 megapixel GZ-MG50 — and the company has also thrown down three more new units. The GZ-MG40 is basically the same unit with a 20GB drive a dye job: you can get it in blue, pink or silver. The GZ-MG50 keeps the 30GB drive and ups the pixel count to 2 megapixels. All models come with USB 2.0, and JVC says transferring an hour's worth of video to a PC takes about 10 minutes.

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