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Falcon Northwest Mach V reviewed by PC Mag

Marc Perton

Falcon Mach VWe're beginning to see a pattern here. It works like this: Turbo-charged gamer rigs get into the hands of reviewers; write-ups discuss gaming, but also comment on how the machines are perfect for other tasks; accountants and admins across the country petition their bosses to buy them $7,000 fire-engine red boxes. At least that's what we figure is going on with reviews like PC Mag's writeup on the $7,490 Falcon Northwest Mach V. Admittedly, this is a hot box (figuratively and literally, which explains why the review also mentions that it's noisy — this one needs a lot of fans), with a dual-core AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+, dual nVidia GeForce Ultra cards, 1GB RAM standard, 600GB of drive space and dual-layer DVD burner. And we have no doubt that for hardcore gamers and animators alike it's worth every penny. But to point out that it "was quite excellent on the Office Productivity test" is a little over the top. If you're just running office productivity apps, dude, you know what you're getting.

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