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Item Duping in World of Warcraft?

Ross Miller
WoW auction

It happened in Diablo, so why not Blizzard's other RPG, too?  Slashdot is reporting that someone has found a way to duplicate items in World of Warcraft.  While the details are sketchy, as many of the posts on how to duplicate are being removed, Slashdot has a link to one working post that has details as well as a picture for evidence (pictured right — though, admittedly, it could have been forged).  The forum linked requires registration, but once you have that the post itself seems fairly legitimate.  Seems to be a glitch that occurs due to lag. 

I certainly do not advocate cheating, so read and use at your own risk, but be warned: when Blizzard finds out, they'll probably patch it immediately and then send black helicopters to anyone's house they suspect of cheating.  Blizzard is pretty good about doing that.

[Thanks, Alan]

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