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POSTIN lets you know when you've got snail mail

Marc Perton

postinWe've used a lot of tools to notify us when we've got new e-mail — everything from toolbar notifier apps to cellphone and smartphone-based mail programs — but the POSTIN, a new device available now in Germany, has got to be a first: it's a portable receiver that notifies you when you've got new snail mail. Designed for city-dwellers, it signals you when an LED on its transmitter detects new mail in your mailbox. That way, if you're waiting for that paycheck to arrive, you can, say, hang at the local until your POSTIN beeps, instead of running down 5 flights of stairs every few minutes to check the mail. Unfortunately, it can't tell the difference between an envelope containing a fat check and one bearing yet another unsolicited credit-card solicitation, so you may still end up making some extra trips to the mailbox.

[Via I4U News]

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