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The Amazing Amanda doll, frankly, scares us.


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Amazing Amanda

What is it about our bizarre fascination with simulacra — can anyone answer us that? That's what this Amazing Amanda doll is all about — a doll so realistic she can speak, eat, recognize her "Mommy," respond to objects, recognize her own poop (this is a function someone got paid to program?), and display emotion. Her level of self-awareness is such that she can recognize her own outfits, food and beverages, toothbrush, and the like — she knows what time it is and can remind "Mommy" about things like upcoming events. She responds to stimuli with appropriate expressions and sounds, and even says "no" when she doesn't want something — as any parent of a toddler will be familiar with (and we can't imagine why they'd pay to add more of it to their lives via simulation).

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