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Ask Engadget: Best home espresso machine?

Ryan Block, @ryan
Ask Engadget

Ask Engadget took the week off last Thursday, but it's back, this time with a question from reader Phil H. who wants to know:

I have a pretty boring job. I'm not complaining, but I've just been looking for a good espresso machine for home use to get me going in the AM. Semi-auto is fine, but full auto's probably a little much, and it needs to be something that  works well, won't require a lot of maintainence, and that the wife won't kick out of the kitchen because it's so ugly. I hear the Rancilio Silvia has the best bang/buck, but is there anything else out there worth the cash?

Yeah, we're getting a little drowsy over here too in the late afternoon sun—anyone care to shoot a suggestion on a good shot of the good stuff?

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