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Evergreen's XviD video camera

Liam McNulty

evergreen camera

If you for some reason have been holding off buying a video camera because there were none that record directly to the XviD format, it looks like your wait is over. Evergreen has released the "DN-DV320" camera that features 640 x 480 (or 320 x 240) recording at 30 frames per second in the world's favorite open-source MPEG-4 flavor: XviD. Better yet, it's all in a fairly compact package for around 17,800 yen (about $158 USD). That seems awfully cheap, and probably for good reason; it features an abysmal 16MB of internal storage, and can only take SD cards up to 512MB 1GB (thanks, sodakar). Still, assuming you live in Japan and won't be far from a computer to offload your videos, this could turn out to be a decent product for you early adopters.

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