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Sony DSC-T33 reviewed

Marc Perton
sony dsc-t33

Sony's svelte DSC-T33 has been catching our eye for months now, tempting us to give up SD and CF for MS Duo (something that's less of a stretch now that we've got a PSP). And now that Imaging Resource has given it their usual thorough grilling and found it to be worthy, the temptation has grown. Calling the 5.1 megapixel camera an affordable unit that packs "more features into a smaller space than pretty much anything else out there." In fact, about the only thing they could find to gripe about on the $349 compact is the fact that its internal zoom lens created "significant blur on the right side of images at near-wide angle zoom." Okay, that's enough for us; no MS Duo (that was a close one!).

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