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Cinego D-1000 - Radio Shack's $1,300 home theater in a box

Marc Perton

cinego d-1000

We don't typically think of Radio Shack when it comes to setting up a home theater, and their Cinego D-1000 home-theater-in-a-box system probably won't change that. But if you're willing to live with 480p, as well as a few other limitations, it could be a reasonable budget setup. The $1,300 system comes with a DLP projector with a 900 lumen lamp rated at 2,000 hours and capable of hitting 140 inches, and an integrated DVD player; 2.1 sound; and a subwoofer. Nothing earth-shattering, and the built-in DVD player limits placement options, but you get what you pay for (and we suspect that you'll be able to pay even less for this in a few months).

[Via HD Beat]

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