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Final Fantasy VII not just a PS3 tech demo?

Ross Miller
Cloud with Phone

Gamespot, known for the oft-weekly rumor control (I didn't know we were dyslexic…), has started a rumor of its own, this time in regards to a remake of Final Fantasy VII.  Apparently Square is taking note of the enthusiastic response to its recreation of the FFVII intro for the PlayStation 3 E3 event that it showed it again during Square Enix Party 2005 last week.  Representatives have stated that there are no plans for a remake right now, but that this response to the demo has at least given Square Enix more ideas for future FFVII-related content.

Square used to have an impilcit policy of never returning to the same world.  Final Fantasy I-XII so far have never featured the same characters or the same mythical worlds.  But all that changed with Final Fantasy X-2 and, once Square Enix realized that everyone adored Final Fantasy VII, a movie and multiple games were all announced simultaneously.  I hope this doesn't dilute the product, but it is nice to see Cloud again, and the Advent Children trailer really does look nice.

[via GameSpot]

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