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Orazio bests the Scooba by vacuuming, cleaning and polishing floors

Marc Perton

Let the robot floor-cleaner wars begin! Less than two months after iRobot announced its Scooba floor-cleaning bot, the Orazio, from Italy's Zucchetti, is ready to slide across those scuffed and dirty hardwood floors right after it. According to Zucchetti, the Orazio doesn't just clean floors, but can polish them as well. All that and the "style of Italian design" too (though we prefer the Roomba's curves to this one's edges). If this works, we're sure iRobot will have to come up with a way to add polish to the Scooba's cleaning and vacuuming capabilities; we're sure they're already working on a catchy name for a floor-polishing bot, like Grand Poobah, or Oohbah, which is the sanitized version of what you may say after you slip on that freshly polished parquet.

[Via TRFJ]

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