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Interview with creator of Pac-Man

Ross Miller
Pac man Arcade poster

UK paper the Times has an interview with Toru Iwatani, the creator of Pac-Man some 25 years ago.  It is a light and fanciful read, and it's fun to read how Iwatani came up with Pac-Man - by eves dropping on conversations women had at cafes, trying to find something that would interest them (hence the food theme - no, I'm not making a sexist statement, that's really why there's a food theme in Pac-Man).  Clouding this article from being all joyful is the descriptions of Iwatani himself - a man who, although he pretty much singlehandedly turned Namco into a powerhouse, "still lives in a house too small to accommodate a Pac-Man arcade cabinet."  Good going Namco, what a way to treat your employees (and I thought EA was bad).

Happy or sad, it's a fun quick read before the weekend hits.  What were your fondest memories of Pac-Man?

[via GameInsider]

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