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Curtains for PowerPC PowerBooks?

Ryan Block, @ryan
Apple PowerBook G4

According to AppleInsider, they have it from a reliable source that the next and final PowerPC PowerBook update is to be expected in late September at the Apple Expo in Paris. Seriously. Apparently we can only expect a measly 30MHz speed bump for the laptops ([300MHZ?] no wonder they're switching to Intel), a move to lower-voltage DDR2 SDRAM, and apparently even the eventual cancellation and demise of the 12-inch PowerBook—which makes sense given their apparent plans for a superthin/light Intel-based laptop. Still, if this and what we've heard about their Vaio engineer bootcamp happen to be true, then Apple's going to be really long overdue for new Intel-based PowerBooks—they aren't even expecting their first low-end machines until mid 2006, so going what could be all of 2006 without any further updates to their flagship laptop line is just going to kill 'em dead.

[Thanks, DC]

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