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Apple to intro dual-core PowerMacs, new G4 Powerbooks and a G5 Mac mini?

Mac mini

A G5 Mac mini would sure make a mighty mini, and that's what the word on the street predicts, along with the advent of dual-core G5 PowerMacs and a G4 Powerbook bump to be unveiled at the September 20 Apple Expo 2005 in Paris. Analyst Mark Stahlman of Caris & Co. reports they believe the new Powerbook line will see 2GHz speeds and may add high-definition screens (it is the Year of HD, after all). The dual-core PowerMacs are expected to use IBM's 970 PPC processor and likely come in dual-processor configurations, making 4x CPU Macs or "dual dual" machines. If all this comes to pass, at least Apple will be ringing out its partnership with IBM in style.

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