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Widget Watch: Somatic SomaFM widget


SomaFM is a listener-supported, commercial-free, underground/alternative Internet radio station broadcasting from San Francisco. You can stream it from iTunes or from a variety of formats available at SomaFM's website, from any one of 7 channels they stream. Thanks to the Somatic SomaFM widget, you can also keep tabs on the last 10 songs played on any of those streams at any given time. If you like what you've heard, just click on the name of the song and you'll be taken to the iTunes music Store where you can purchase the track, assuming it's available. As an added bonus, SomaFM gets 5% of the sale, which helps support their continued and valiant efforts to provide a much-needed alternative to the Clear Channels of the world. Clicking the "Play it" button will also launch iTunes so you can listen to the current track right from the stream.

I'm an XM Radio junkie now, so I don't listen to SomaFM much anymore, but I used to be an Indie Pop listener and I think this is a great little widget. SomaFM fans should find it incredibly helpful and convenient. It's just nice to have song histories at your fingertips instead of having to go to the website to look them up.

The SomaFM widget is Dashboard-only for now, but if there's enough demand the author will consider porting it to Konfabulator. Download it from all things alceste.

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