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Xbox to feature HDMI High Definition standard after all?


Xbox 360 component/composite hybrid and VGA HD AV cables

Just last week sister blog HDBeat was questioning Microsoft's lack of HDMI output on the Xbox 360, but now it appears that the feature is there after all, the only issue being that there aren't any cables to take advantage of it. Some guys over at were at the IDF (Intel Developer Forum) in the Moscone Center, San Francisco and spotted an Xbox 360 hooked up to a plasma screen via component video. Apparently they casually asked a Microsoft rep why it wasn't connected by the superior HDMI standard (not knowing officially Microsoft doesn't offer this) and he responded by assuring them that; "360 can output over HDMI, but that there isn't a cable available at present."

Obviously this isn't confirmed officially and there are still questions over why this hasn't been announced and how (assuming they are going to offer the connection) they'll integrate HDMI into the line-up in the future. If this is true and Microsoft's next-gen console is capable of HDMI out of the box, then what's the big deal with holding it all back? I mean, it is just a cable connection right? Thanks to Scott Scott and SilverX for the heads up.

[Via Xbox Scene]

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